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Stay at a Funaya boat house in Ine fishing village, northern Kyoto, where lives closest to the sea

“Here people lead lives closed to the sea.”

Ine (伊根) town is a completely different world from the other part of Japan. 230 Funaya (舟屋 boat houses) are lined along the 5km coast of Ine bay. The whole Funayas seem to be floating on the high tide, looking like row houses on the water. 

funaya boat house in Ine Bay, northern Kyoto

Funaya was once used as storehouses  of fishermen's boats, and now it is used as their residence on the second floor, containing boats on the first floor.

Villagers catch fishes, shells, and sea weeds from entrance hall.

this is a picture taken from the entrance of Funaya.

It is popular to renovete these old funayas and open restaurants, inns, sweet cafe, or pottery studio.

from Funaya Restaurant
from Funaya Restaurant

Some funayas are open to public (not a museum, but it's a real living place!), and you can be invited by local villagers.

villagers are preserving various types sea weeds for different purpose
villagers are preserving various types sea weeds for different purpose

It is 3 hours trip from Kyoto station by local train and bus. Then you will get strayed in another world! 

Ine 伊根 is also 30 min. away from Amanohashidate 天橋立, one of the three most scenic view spots in Japan. If you are planning to visit Amanohashidate, it is recommended to visit Ine.

I can guide you from Kyoto station to Ine, and visit one of the villagers funaya, and learn cooking from a mom, or learn fishing from a dad. Also, possible to stay at Funaya, of course. 

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