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Local Food Guide Tours

We are a group of food specialist guides. You can choose a course from existing courses on the booking list. All tours are private tours, and private guiding service are included in the tour price.

1 Day Guide Tour from Kyoto and Nara

All tours include guiding service with an English speaking guide.

Min. & Max. number of participants

1-10 persons / 1 guide

For more than 10 persons, please request 2 guides

A Full Day Guiding Fee (based on 8 hours)

30,000 JPY / group

2 persons  15000 JPY / person

3 persons  10000 JPY / person

4 persons   7500 JPY / person

5 persons   6000 JPY / person

6 persons   5000 JPY / person

7 persons  4500 JPY / person

8 persons  3750 JPY / person

9 persons  3500 JPY / person

10 persons 3000 JPY / person

for more than 10 persons, it requires one more guide.

Based on per hour

​In case of extension, or half a day, it would be calculated per hour.

4000 JPY /  hour


Guiding Service

Lunch for guide

Coordination fee

Not including: Lunch, Entrance fee, Transportations, Activities


You can add Lunch option (if pre-reservation needed), Activities (cooking, fermentation, visit to a farm, food producers, and so on) 

Multi-day Tour

Package tour with a local guide, activities, and accommodation, not including transportation. Guiding service is only provided in certain areas, and English speaking staff will host your activities.

​Customize your tour

It is also possible to customized your own programs upon requests. Please feel free to contact us. We would be happy to help your unique tour planning.


You can choose Credit card or Paypal for the payment.

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