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Tasting stories of matcha beyond tea ceremony

Updated: May 15, 2019

How to make matcha

Have you ever tasted matcha? Now, it's getting popular and can be tasted at Starbucks or even at any convenience stores. The most premium matcha tea is produced in Uji, in Kyoto prefecture.

Actually, matcha, green tea, black tea, woo-long tea, Pu'er tea are all made from same tea tree, "camellia sinensis". The only difference is the processing method. Matcha is a powdered tea, steamed and dried tea leaves are grounded by stone mill.

Noriko's tea experience

Noriko's family produces matcha tea, especially has been focusing on organic matcha to meet increasing consumer demands since 10 years ago (certified organic JAS).

Beside the processing factory, beautiful tea farms are spreading over the mountains, and Noriko cooks elaborate dishes using plenty of matcha.

Noriko runs a farm-inn, while helping her father's tea farm. At first, she was not that keen on tea,

Noriko's family

Landscape of Wazuka village

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