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2019 Fermentation class: authentic koji (rice malt) lesson by a professional koji manufacturer

3 Day Fermentation Workshop in Kyoto

Hishiroku moyasi is a traditional koji starter producer in Kyoto with 360 years history
Hishiroku moyasi is a traditional koji starter producer in Kyoto with 360 years history

We are happy to announce our Koji (a kind of mold grown on produce such as boiled rice) making workshop on this coming April by Mr.Sukeno, the owner of 360 year old Hishiroku-Moyashi ,the only existing Moyashi (koji starter) company in Kyoto.

Kyoto is said to be a birthplace of koji malt . Kitano koji za (a guild in Kitano for producers of koji malt) controlled production of koji malt in Kyoto. "Hishiroku moyashi" is the only one koji starter producer in Kyoto, which has more than 360 years history of producing koji mold starter, called "moyashi" in Japanese. We will learn how to make Koji from the very beginning,steaming rice and seeding Moyashi starter to steamed rice. 

We will not only the process but also history of fermented foods in Japan, classification of microbes and so on in detail. After taking this course,you will be able to make rice Koji by yourself in your own kitchen. Koji is key ingredient for Japanese cuisine, such as miso, sake, soy sauce and rice vinegar. It must be a very good opportunity to lean Japanese food culture.English is available on this course.Please feel free to ask translator charge and details.We look forward to having you join us.

The venue is historical "koji muro", a room for brewing "moyashi" starter in the machiya style traditional residence in Kyoto.  We look forward to welcoming you and learning koji making from steaming rice together!

What you can learn from this class

You can learn basic knowledge of koji malt (aspergillus oryzae) and fermentation by microorganisms as well as how to make koji rice malts from a professional koji starter manufacturer.


Kyoto Moyashi Machiya (268 Nishiwakamatsu-cho Shimogyo, Kyoto city)


Learn how to make koji at home by steaming 2kg of rice

Experience professional koji manufacturing process of “mori” (transfer of koji into wooden trays) by using rice malts fermented by Hishiroku Moyashi.

You can learn two methods and compare the final products of the two, and bring the koji back to your home.


Day1 24th September 10:00-17:00

Process of “Drainage (mizukiri)”, “Steaming (mushi)”, “Cooling (horei)”, “Inoculation (tanekiri)” and “Wrapping (toko)”

Lecture 1: History of fermented foods in Japan, Classification of microorganisms, Aspergillus oryzae

Day2 25th September 10:00-17:00

Process of “Cut and turn (kirikaeshi)”, “Serve (mori)”, “Mid-duty (naka-shigoto)”, “Piling (bozumi)”, “Final-duty (shimai)”, “bricks-laying (renga-zumi)”

Lecture2 : Koji malt starter (tane-koji)

Lecture3: Enzyme, tasting fermented soymilk by using rice malt powder

Day3 26th September 10:00-13:00

Process of finalizing (dekoji)

Lecture on the koji starter produced by Hishiroku, Q&A

* Special gathering will be held at night on 24th September. Please feel free to join (extra charge needed).

For further information:

Moyashi machiya FB

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