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“Meet the People and Places Behind your Plates”

Online Course (Japanese fermentation)


Welcome to "Course 1: The Essence of Japanese Fermentation: Comprehensive Guide from Ancient Traditions to Home Cooking." Led by Chisato Maeda, a fermenter and ethno-botanist. From the traditional culture of koji, miso, and soy sauce to the symbiotic relationship between microorganisms and plants, this course will provide students with a comprehensive understanding of the traditions of Japanese cuisine. Explore the culture of fermentation used in traditional Japanese cuisine and see it incorporated into your daily cooking.

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Volunteer recruitment in Nara, Japan




Interested in joining a unique renovation project in Japan?

We're bringing new life to a 140+ year old traditional Japanese house located along Yamanobe-no-michi, Japan's oldest road. This house isn't just a home—it's a historic site near important landmarks related to Emperor Suiko’s genealogy from the 6th century.

The project, set in the scenic surroundings of Nishiyama-zuka tomb near Tenri Station, offers breathtaking views and is steeped in history. It includes renovating a 700m² site with 7 buildings to transform into a special lodging area that celebrates local culture, food, and craftsmanship under the theme "Do it Together", not "yourself".

We’re looking for volunteers who are passionate about Japanese culture, enjoy DIT, and love hands-on activities. Join us from April to July 2024, and be a part of something truly historic. Dive into community life, enjoy daily gourmet lunches, and contribute to a community-centric initiative!

Location: 1021 Kayo, Tenri City, Nara Prefecture. Easily accessible from JR Nagara Station.

Please find the detail from the link below:
Volunteer recruitment: Join Our Unique Renovation Project in Nara's Historic Heartland

Local guides are all experts & foodie. Tailor made programs can be arranged by the food experts.


We work closely with community people, inns, producers, restaurantsin the village.


Travel through village to village away from tourists, listening to the deep stories, beyond gourmet tours.


Travel with small groups, using public transportation, visiting sustainable farms and food producers. 


You can learn about fermentation by a professional koji manufacturer or a chef.  2-3 days fermentation stay can be arranged upon request. 


Matcha is not only about tea ceremony, but  a composite art. You can meet producers of tea. Translator for buyers is also available.


Japan is a mountainous country with seasonal wild vegetables. Plant-based cooking and zen meditation, hiking can be arranged.

Explore the Stories of Local Food Ingredients
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The unique point of "Village to Table Tours" is a great connection to farmers, food processors, breweries, small restaurant chefs, family-run small scale shops, and local guides. Foodie local guides are all passionate on the stories behind the plates. See where it grows, taste their stories!
Organic Farm & Cooking Experience in Kyoto

Organic Farm Village in Kyoto


Nishiki Food Market is famous as a "kitchen of Kyoto", where various food ingredients are sold. These vegetables are grown in the surrounding villages 1-2 hours away from the city. We will visit an organic farm, and listen to the stories about organic farming, existence with natural environment, learning home-style cooking from a food coordinator in the village. 

Wazuka Green Tea Village


Uji green tea is one of the best tea in Japan, and more than 50% of Uji green tea is actually made in Wazuka town. Tea trees are everywhere all over the residential area in wazuka, as if the houses are floating in the middle of the tea plantation. The village is designated as  ”the most beautiful villages in Japan". We will visit tea farmers to learn about tea and a local market for tasting tea. The special meal at a tea farm by using plenty of matcha green tea can be arranged.

Uji Matcha Tea Farm Experience
Medicinal Herb Natto - Fermented Soybean Class

Medicinal Herb Village in Nara


Uda is a historical village known as the birthplace of medicinal herb culture, which dates back to the 7th century. Nowadays, the city encourages young people from big cities to move to this area to utilize the local reasources of traditional medicine. Some of them are chefs, brewers, and herbalists. We will visit an oldest herb garden in Japan's history, and taste medicinal plant shojin foods.  Various learning education programs related to herbs can be arranged upon request.


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